2nd Information Session - Greece (Florina)

The second information session of SunSharing Project took place in Florina city, Greece at the town hall. The session was attended by the Mayor of Florina, Mayor of Prespes, former Mayor of Kozani, General Secretery of Florina, General Secretary of Prespes, President of the local Energy Community and a parliament candidate from the ecologic party. A discussion about the current state and the future of the Energy Communities was held, while the presentation material was distributed to the participants. The following conclusions were conducted:

  • The issue of the electrical space has been highlighted once more
  • The Energy Communities should have access to build their own substations, in order to solve the grid problem
  • Another solution could be to place energy storage systems and commit for zero energy injection to the grid
  • A regulatory/legislative amendments should take place in order to permit the Energy Communities with local government participation to build their own substations