1st Information Session - Greece (Kozani)

The first information session of SunSharing Project took place in Kozani, Greece at the central auditorium of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Macedonia. 17 participants attended the session, including members of Energy Communities, the Mayor of Servia city, the ex-mayor of Kozani and other relevant stakeholders from the municipality. Three presentations were presented analyzing the current situation of Energy Communities in Western Macedonia district, the crowdfunding and good practices in Europe and the new Law about Energy Communities.

The participants could take part in the polls during the presentation, where they were asked about their suggestions for the establishment of new Energy Communities, the attractiveness of the different financial tools and the applicability of the crowdfunding in Greece. From the results of the polls and the discussion after the presentations, the following conclusions can be conducted:

  • Explicit financial tools should be provided to Energy Communities
  • The crowdfunding scheme is still unknown in Greece, though sounds interesting to the members of Energy Communities
  • The new Law is on the correct direction, however the existence of many different types of Energy Communities is confusing
  • The most important issue for the development of Energy Communities concerns the connection to the distribution grid (saturated grid) for supporting further RES installation
  • Specific supportive actions are needed in order to activate the citizens to participate in Energy Communities